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Our Body-Energy Clock ebbs and flows with energy a during a 24-hour day. Every hour of the day our body supplies fluids, nutrients, proteins and removes toxins; this process is referred to as Circadian Rhythm. Research supported by the National Institutes of Health has shown that the body’s Circadian Rhythm can influence sleep-wake cycles, hunger, […]

Circadian Rhythm – Our Body-Energy Clock

Source: ~ BY SADIE NARDINI If you’re yoga-curious, brand new to yoga, or want to learn more about keeping your yoga practice safe, strong and better aligned, all while doing simple, effective daily yoga workouts to cleanse and trim your body, faster than most other classes–then you’re in the […]

21 Day Beginner Yoga

When it comes to company retreats, I know what you’re probably thinking: trust falls and motivational speakers. But these team-building trips go far deeper than that. Whether you’re running a company of five or 500, changing pace with a retreat will re-energize your team, encourage cross-departmental collaboration and strengthen internal […]

4 Unexpected Benefits of a Company Retreat

“UNLEASH YOUR ENERGY” Unleash your energy with a break through Health & Wellness Retreat in the Caribbean, April 30 – May 4 We provide a safe, beautiful, transforming space to energize the body, mind and soul. Boosting your happiness comes with planning a vacation; why not mix your vacation with […]

Health & Wellness Retreats