Healthy Eating

Healthy Food

Sourcing quality food is key to healthy eating; consuming the right quantities from all food groups creates balanced health plan.

Diet is often referred to a dietary regimen for losing weight; however, ‘diet’ simply means what food we eat in the course of a 24-hour, one week and beyond.

A balanced diet is a nutritional lifestyle that promotes long-term good health; a good diet reflects a reduction and eliminate processed foods, carbonated soda, sugar, carbohydrates and increase intake of vegetables and protein

Eating for your Health and getting the ‘Good Stuff’ in:

  • How processed food has changed our food supply
  • How to stock a healthy kitchen
  • Cooking with Organics

Food as Medicine:

  • Breaking the cycle of inflammation; pinpoint factors to outsmart the inflammation process
  • Immune boosting foods
  • Organic nutrient dense foods
  • Creating a high alkaline diet

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