About Pro Well Care

What Expiration Date? Extend Yours…

Everything living has a beginning, middle, and end; everything living has an expiration date: our bodies, families, careers, friends, relationships and yes, our pets. Life’s natural cycles occur all around us just like the tree outside your window starts from seed, grows, blooms and will eventually decay. This amazing cycle of Life allows for growth at all stages.

You can be an active participant improving every stage. Learn how to improve your nutrition, reduce exposures to toxins and live a healthier lifestyle. We are here to help and support you achieve your goals.

Leap forward into your best Life ever and take control of your Health and there is a good possibility you can extend your Expiration Date.


  • Becoming aware of the relationship between your diet, environment and total health
  • Attention to what you can change; improving well-being, unleashing energy and empowerment
  • Acting on your knowledge to improve our lives and those of our families